SparX Candy


Sweetened with all-natural xylitol, SparX Candy made by Xlear, Inc. is just what health conscious parents have been craving, a sweet, healthy, sugar free treat that kids will actually ask for! One of the primary benefits of xylitol and SparX Candy is the effects it has on the bacteria that create cavities. When exposed to as little as 15 grams of xylitol a day, the bacteria in the mouth lose their ability to stick to teeth and form plaque. Studies have proven that when combined with regular dental hygiene, regular use of xylitol gums, mints and candy can reduce dental cavities by as much as 80%. Available in delicious berry, citrus and fruit flavors, is available for purchase online at and at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe and other select retailers nationwide.​


Book Review: The Adventures of Hunter & Ramona Pug Series

Pug_Series[ABOUT] The Pug Series by Destry Ramey… Why Am I Dark? – “Everything that makes you different, makes you special!” Meet Hunter, a dark-furred pug who faces rejection because of the color of his fur. It is his courage and sister’s wisdom that help him discover the importance and value of being different.

Kippy’s African Adventure – Meet Kippy, an ADHD little pug who loves adventure. She loves it so much that she often rushes in before checking for any danger. Can a 500 pound silverback mountain gorilla teach her to think before she acts? Or, will she always be too impulsive for her own good? Kippy’s African Adventure is the third in a series of children’s books related to contemporary real-life issues.

What About Me? “Follow your heart and with perseverance your dream will come true” in this delightfully captivating children’s tale. This colorfully illustrated children’s book tells the tale of two pugs faced with sibling separation. A potential dog owner makes a decision to adopt two female puppies. When he chooses a puppy named Ramona, the adopted pup’s brother, Hunter, must endear himself to the would-be dog owner to consider choosing a male pup instead of another female.

[REVIEW] Each book has playful illustrations that kids will be drawn to along with a positive message intertwined in each story. Our favorite was Kippy’s African Adventure.

Book Review: Raising Generation Tech

Raising_Generation_Tech[ABOUT] Today’s children are being raised as ‘digital natives’ in a world dominated by popular culture and technology. TV shows, computers, video games, social networking sites, advertisements, and cell phones too often have an unnecessarily strong-and negative— influence on children. But pulling the plug just isn’t an option in a world where being connected is essential for success.

Six Messages From Raising Generation Tech:

  • Popular culture may be the powerful influence on children today and most of that influence is not healthy to children.
  • Children are being exposed to technology earlier than ever without proper limits or guidance.
  • Excessive exposure to popular culture and technology has been linked to many childhood problems including shorter attention spans, lower grades in school, increased sexual activity and drug use, and obesity.
  • Too early and unguided immersion in popular culture and technology will actually hinder rather than better prepare children for life in the digital world.
  • Key areas in which parents should focus their child-rearing attention include their children’s self-identity, values, thinking, relationships, and physical and mental health.
  • The goal for parents is not to disconnect their children, but rather to expose them to popular culture and technology when they are developmentally ready and then give them the perspectives, attitudes, and tools they need to thrive in this digital age.

RobiComb – LiceGuard

RobiComb[ABOUT] Robi Comb is an electric Lice Zapping Comb that kills lice and eggs on contact, simply by combing it through dry hair. When the battery-powered Robi Comb touches lice, it emits a targeted electric pulse that kills lice instantly. Medically proven and completely safe. The RobiComb lets you know by an audible signal whether or not head lice are present, so it can be used to detect an infestation as well as treat it. Saves you money; buy once – use again and again for your entire family. More than 3,000 school districts in all 50 states are now currently using the RobiComb.

[REVIEW] WIth 3 kids, we have had several incidents of dealing with lice in our home and it is never fun. It is a lot of work to comb through each strand of hair day after day to make sure you have gotten rid of everything. Typically when one child has it, the others get it as well. The challenge is that it is not always easy to find in the early stages… recently when we went through this nightmare again, we tried the RobiComb and it was fantastic, I was able to figure out that two of our three had the lice and the peace of mind knowing that it is truly killing the bugs. I did find that I needed to do a combination of using the RobiComb and also combing through with a metal comb.

AppCertain – manage family devices!

App_Certain[ABOUT] Parents can establish a digital curfew and successfully enforce with the Curfew Mode feature on AppCertain. Parents can also monitor the apps that their children are downloading.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to take your children’s iPads away in order to be sure they weren’t using it? Wouldn’t it be great if you could limit screen time remotely instead of telling your children that they had to keep their iPhones at home when the family visits Grandma? The Curfew Mode feature from AppCertain helps parents to resolve these issues.

[REVIEW] This is a fantastic app especially since you can control your children’s devices remotely! The only negative currently is that if you activate the curfew, it ungroups any organization your child has with their apps (ie: using folders).

Yes to Carrots

Yes_To_Carrots[ABOUT] Yes to Carrots Lip Butters are formulated with certified organic fruits and veggies to condition, invigorate, and revitalize your lips, moisturizing to keep them the smoothest and softest they can be. 4 flavors: berry, pomegranate, melon and mint.  Towelettes are 99% natural and made from Lemon Peel and Apple to help brighten skin. Designed for the trendy traveler, this package of travel towelettes will fit right into your purse or backpack to cleanse, brighten and remove makeup to refresh your beautiful face, regardless of where you are. Let’s face it – we all love fun in the sun, but not some of its effects. Yes To Carrots Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 defends your skin against the sun’s UVA/UVB rays while soothing and hydrating your beautiful face.

[REVIEW] Our teen reviewers loved these products… the facial moisturizer is light with the added benefit of SPF.  The lip butters are so moisturizing (our favorite was the berry). And the towelettes are great for keeping in your backpack when transitioning from school to sports.

Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas!

KIDPRENEURS[ABOUT] Kidpreneurs outlines some basic tools and strategies kids can use to gain some valuable experience in starting, managing, and growing a successful business venture.  The Kidpreneurs Parent/Teacher Guide is packed with over 100 pages of fun activities, reproducible worksheets, and complete instructions to help you guide kids in their entrepreneurial journey.

[REVIEW] This book is easy to follow and gives great examples on what it means to have a business, big or small.

Clean Cubes – Disposable Trash Can & Recycling Bin

Clean_Cubes[ABOUT] As a Mom, I am DONE with picking up trash on the floor of my car! Clean Cubes come to the rescue with their disposable liners and recyclable bags – perfect for placing in the backseat within reach of little hands! Starting at $7.49 for a package of 3 mini-Clean Cubes, the eco-friendly bags can be taken in the car, to the beach, campout or just around the house.

[REVIEW] These are easy to use and so convenient when you are having a party. They can be used so many different ways and are very useful to have on-hand!

Camp Essentials for Teens

Ring_Ching[ABOUT] There is no need to use a pillow case as a laundry bag or lose your pillow among the sea of white pillow cases at camp when RingChing Ching, now offers summer camp essentials, including Pillow CasesLaundry Bags, Cosmetic Bags, and Coin Purse and Key Chain in dozens of exclusive bright, graphic prints. Available in teen sizes are the Pajama Pants and Boxer Shorts. All products can be found on

[REVIEW] These products are so cute and fun for teens and tweens. They make great birthday gifts for friends. The summer camp essentials are a fun way to send your daughter off to camp with her own little care package. Our daughters love having their own laundry bags in their suitcases when they travel and these are stylish and durable.

BOOK: My Dad Thinks He’s Funny

My_Dad_thinks[ABOUT] By Katrina Germein… When his son says “I’m hungry,” Dad says, “Hello, Hungry. Pleased to meet you.” Before slicing a cake for dessert, Dad announces, “There’s my piece. What’s everybody else having?” Tell Dad your foot hurts? “No problem. You’ve got another.” How is he feeling? “With my hands.” So when nothing’s up but the sky, or when jumping in the shower sounds dangerous, it may be a good time to share this book with someone who doesn’t need sugar because, well, they’re sweet enough already.

[REVIEW] A humorous and fun book!

MT350R Two-Way Radios

radio_mt350R[ABOUT]  The Motorola Talkabout® MT350 series is equipped to secure functionality by guarding against extreme weather and harsh environments. With a range of up to 35 miles*, it is perfect for your active outdoor excursions as well as life’s everyday adventures. Take a pair on your next hunting, camping or hiking trip and stay connected no matter what the season. Weatherproof, 7 NOAA weather channels and alerts, LED Flashlight…

[REVIEW] Although these radios did not stretch to 35 miles, we found them to be clear and loved the durability. Having kids, we love anything that is waterproof.  They were great for us on the ski slopes. I wish they had a charging system but overall they are handy for any outdoor adventures.

Get Your Kids Hiking: How to Start Them Young and Keep it Fun!

Get_Kids_Hiking[ABOUT] Hiking is a great way to relax, connect with nature, and enjoy time with your family. Bringing your kids along can be rewarding for you and for them, but it can also add new challenges and concerns to your trip. Get Your Kids Hiking is loaded with everything you need to know to hit the trail with kids; from gear to simple proven techniques that will make your hike safe and fun. Written with both the novice and the seasoned hiker in mind, Jeff Alt provides all the information you need to take your child out on the trail.  This books offers:  -Age-appropriate ways to include your child in all aspects of the hike -Checklists of what to pack for any type of hike -Kid-friendly menus -Advice for hiking with a special needs child. Get Your Kids Hiking is the playbook to inspire an appreciation for the great outdoors in your children and keep your young child or teenager interested in a family hiking trip.

[REVIEW] I wish we had this book when our kids were younger. Our family loves to hike and this book has great advice on motivating kids and keeping the hike age appropriate.

Difrax 3-stage Pacifiers

Difrax[ABOUT] Stylish moms everywhere are always on the lookout for stylish ways to dress up baby…why not do it with a fashionable and fun pacifier? Trendy and colorful pacifiers are now the hottest baby accessory. Difrax is making a splash with their innovative 3-stage pacifiersthat feature bold, colorful, and stylish patterns designed to meet baby’s unique needs at every age. Difrax’s vibrant and cheerful pacifiers help baby always look fashionable and stay happy!  With sizes for preemies and newborns, all the way to 18+ months, each stage has different features and benefits unique to the needs to that age baby/child.

[REVIEWS] This is a wonderful and colorful pacifier that does not cover their whole face so they can breathe more easily. The 18+ month pacifier was our favorite since it actually encourages your child to give up the pacifier and makes the weaning process easier on mom and dad.

alternaVites Kids

alternavites[ABOUT] alternaVites Kids® contains 17 essential vitamins and minerals specially formulated for children ages 4 and up. alternaVites Kids’ crystal powder makes it one of the most versatile vitamin products on the market.  Specially designed to fit easily into the way your family lives today, alternaVites Kids can be taken in so many ways.  Our favorite way is to simply sprinkle alternaVites Kids slowly onto the tongue, where it melts quickly.  However, you can also mix it into yogurts, puddings or smoothies, sprinkle it on top of fruit, lick it off a spoon – or be creative! The options are endless.

  • Has 0 grams of sugar
  • Free of aspartame and high fructose corn syrup
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Has no animal products or by-products
  • Does not contain egg, milk, peanut, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish or shellfish

[REVIEW] We tried both the adult and kids version. It was an easy way to take a vitamin. My eleven year old preferred the adult flavors over the kid flavors. The packets are easy to throw in your purse.

Vertical Sports Organizer


[ABOUT] Great for bats, balls, sticks, gloves, helmets and more. Holds up to 25 lbs. 6 Hanging screws. 3 Cinches. 3 Storage bins. Side Pockets. Clean storage.

[REVIEW] This organizer was so easy to hang and start using right away.  It drives me crazy having our balls and equipment all over the garage. We loaded the organizer up with tennis and hockey equipment and it is so much simpler to access everything!

By ParentClick Editor Posted in Sports